International Event: Tales of the Precious and Beautiful Islands


A very destructive earthquake of magnitude 9.0 occurred in the Tohoku region of Japan on 11th March 2011. This was followed by tsunamis estimated to be over 10 metres high that swept many kilometres inland, and radiation leakage from a nuclear power plant damaged by the earthquake. At least 10,000 deaths have been confirmed, with many thousands more missing.

We halted our activities on VATSIM, including training and regular events, while Japan dealt with the immediate aftermath of the disaster: from sheltering and food for those in the Tohoku region who were lucky enough to survive, to the electricity shortage spanning a wide area (including Tokyo) caused by damage to numerous power plants.

Having only been weeks since the earthquake and tsunami, there is still a long way to go on the road to recovery. However, we are ready to move on from the disaster, and will resume our activities on VATSIM. For our events, this will be our first after the disaster. We thank everyone around the world for their support, and we hope you enjoy this event!

Event details

Tales of the Precious and Beautiful Islands event image

This year, we are having our shuttle event between Taipei in Taiwan, and Naha on Okinawa Island again. See from the skies the "Precious Island" (bao dao in Chinese) that is Taiwan, and the "Beautiful Island" (churashima in Okinawan) that is Okinawa!

Recommended routes

The recommended routes between Taoyuan and Naha airports are as follows:


Naha Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport