Regular events

Join us in flying in Japan and come fly in our events. We have regular domestic events as described below, as well as international events with our numerous neighbouring countries too.

East Meets West

Our foremost event is a monthly Tokyo–Osaka shuttle event, connecting the two most important Japanese cities. At a distance of roughly 250 NM, it's great for a quick yet full experience of flying in Japan, as ATC guides you from departure to arrival.

Event information

Please check for routes between Tokyo and Osaka in the routes section. Expected levels on descent are:

Note 1: Please note that Narita Intl is also covered by Tokyo Approach (RJTT_APP or RJTT_E_APP) and Osaka Intl is also covered by Kansai Approach (RJBB_APP or RJBB_E_APP).

Note 2: A variety of visual approaches and non-precision instrument approaches are in regular use at Tokyo (Haneda) Intl airport. We strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself beforehand with the charts for such approaches if flying to Tokyo Intl.

Beginners' Event

Our division has a strong tradition of making newcomers feel welcome, and our monthly beginners' events are part of it. While we orient the event towards newcomers in Japan, pilots of any experience level and from anywhere are equally welcome to join us. The variable location of the beginners' events also means you can experience flying in all sorts of different locations in Japan.

Event information

Catch us every third Saturday evening of each month and come fly in the airports we open for that day. We provide full support in Japanese during each beginners' event—if you would like support in Japanese during the event, please contact us via the forums or contact information listed on the Japanese site.