Flying in Japan

We have compiled some information below, which we hope will be useful for everyone flying in Japan.

ACCs in Fukuoka FIR

Many of the utility programs for VATSIM or flight simulation still retain the very old divisions of Japanese airspace into Tokyo FIR and Naha FIR. The graphic below shows the current divisions of Japanese airspace, as of September 2010.

ACCs in Fukuoka FIR


Official charts for Japan are available from the AIS Japan web site at

Time zone

Japan's time zone is UTC +9 (no daylight saving / summer time). We are usually the most active between 12:00 and 15:00 UTC (21:00–00:00 local time), so come and catch us around that time! Most of our events are also held around those times.

Altimeter setting

Within QNH setting areas, QNH is given in inches of mercury, with a transition altitude of 14,000 ft and transition level of FL140 across the country.

Speed restriction

Maximum speed at or below 10,000 ft in a terminal area is 250 knots. This also applies in control zones above 3,000 ft; at or below 3,000 ft in control zones, maximum speed is 200 knots for jet aircraft and 160 knots for propeller aircraft.