新しいVATASIA REGION DIRECTOR はDeepan Mehtaさんに決定されました。

The Board of Governors is pleased to announce the appointment of Deepan Mehta as Regional Director for the Asian Region. Deepan brings extensive experience to the position and we welcome him to the position and the EC. He has been an active member of VATSIM since 2001 and presently serves as the Division Director of VATSIM India and as the DCRM for the division. In addition, he has a variety of virtual airline experience including creating Virtual Air India.

Deepan's background and experience make him an exceptional candidate for the challenges created by the many languages and cultures in the Asia Region. He has some great ideas for the region and we look forward to working with him.

Deepan -- Congratulations and welcome!

all the best,

Dave Klain
VATSIM President (VATGOV1)
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Many Thanks Dave to you and to the BoG for entrusting me with this responsibility , I do have some big shoes to fill in the wake of the work William Woo has done over the years . I'd like to thank William Woo and Norman Blackburn for their help over the years specially with VATIND . Working to help build up a Divison from Scratch has been a big learning experience , where I have had the opportunity to learn many things from some exceptionally talented fellow hobbyists . There are a whole lot of such people in Asia as we see in our Asian forums . I shall endeavour to work actively with them .
Thanks again

Deepan Mehta
ID 821011

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